The Long and the Short of It

by Pulley

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What did you do this winter?

Thankfully, in sunny Southern California, the members of veteran punk rock band Pulley do not put their lives into hibernation when winter comes a calling. In fact, it’s during this time of year when the band is most active,

Sure, they got their start playing in other well known bands, released numerous records, toured all over, but unlike most of their contemporaries, their band is not their bread and butter. For 17 years, Pulley have always been working class musicians priding themselves on being regular guys. They have wives, families, bills to pay, and yes, full time day jobs. Nobody here is concerned with making it big or trying to write a hit single. They just genuinely like to play music together. And just like in years past, they spent the winter of 2010 playing gigs, having fun, and fortunately for their fans, writing and recording music.

The result is a new EP entitled, “The Long and the Short of It.”

This three track EP consists of the songs: “The Long and the Short of It”, “No Man's Flute”, and “Which Way to Go” (a cover version of a tune by Austin, TX punk legends The Big Boys) Acclaimed producer Matt Hyde, who worked with the
band on "Matters" in 2004, and "Time-Insensitive Material" in 2009, oversaw the recording process once again.
In keeping with the vibe and spirit of an old school 1980’s era seven inch, Pulley commissioned their old friend
and prolific artist, Brian Walsby (Melvins,7Seconds, Flipside, Maximum Rock & Roll, etc.) to handle the cover illustration.

There will be two versions of the EP available:

The physical EP, in the form of a 7 inch vinyl record, will be released on June 28th, 2011 by Edmonton Alberta’s When’s Lunch Records,

Pulley's own label, X-Members Records, will be releasing the EP for download through all major digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and Emusic on the same day.

“The Long and The Short of It” may be Pulley’s shortest work to date, but this appetizer
does not lack in taste. Each track has been forged from the band’s high standard of melodic
punk rock sensibilities. Scott’s Radinsky's unmistakable voice, Jim Blowers' and Mike
Harder's shredding guitars, Tyler Rebbe's melodic bass lines, and newcomer "Metal
Bob" Gilmore's rapid fire drumming are all here, and as powerful as anyone has ever heard them.

Pulley is currently planning a full length record to be released in early 2012. Until then, get out your turntable or capable mp3 playing device, sit back, relax, and enjoy “The Long and the Short of It”

Pulley Discography:

Esteem Driven Engine (Epitaph 1996)
60 Cycle Hum (Epitaph 1997)
Pulley (Epitaph 1999)
Together Again for the First Time (Epitaph 2001)
Matters (Epitaph 2004)
The Slackers / Pulley Split (Do Tell Records 2005)
Pulley Beyond Warped (Immergent Records 2005)
The True Story of an American Punk Rock Band DVD (X-Members Records 2007)
Time-Insensitive Material (X-Members Records 2009)
The Long and the Short of It (X-Members Records 2011)


released June 28, 2011

Scott Radinsky - Vocals
Mike Harder - Guitar
Jim Blowers - Guitar
Tyler Rebbe - Bass
Bob Gilmore - Drums



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Pulley Simi Valley, California

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